Sprint Canoe Kayak Flatwater Paddling Program

Sprint Canoe & Kayak

Pemberton Canoe offers two sprint canoe & kayak training programs as well as summer camp options to introduce the sport in a fun day camp environment. 

The teams train from April - September and compete at a number of regattas throughout the season around the province and have gone on to compete at the BC Summer Games, Western Canadian Summer Games, Canada Games and Nationals.


This is beginning training for our Sprint Racing Program. Athletes typically start with a summer camp program before transitioning to this program, however, new team members are always welcome. Coaches will communicate with athletes and parents and will determine the optimal progression of paddlers as they develop.

This program will continue to develop paddler's boat skills and balance through workouts, balance challenges and dry land training and they will gain experience competing in various regattas around the province. Practices may include a mix of paddling, running and weights,  depending on the weather.


The High Performance program is for athletes who have participated in the Junior Development program for a number of years (or at Coach’s discretion), have developed their paddling skills and are ready to commit to full time training. The program will focus on developing advanced skills, competitive development and refining skills under race conditions, building strength, speed, and endurance, as well as effective goal setting.

Paddlers are expected to attend both on-water and off-water practices as well as train on their own according to a provided training schedule. Athletes are expected to attend the majority of Regattas throughout the racing season.

NOTE: War Canoe practice is dependant on getting enrough registrants, date & time are tentative so schedule may change slightly.

If you have questions about this program please contact commodore@pembertoncanoe.com