Mid-Season Update ... What's Happened and What's To Come

Written by Karen Tomlinson on

Its BC Day Long Weekend which means we're about halfway through the summer season for paddling.

We finished up our dragon boat season at the end of June with another sucessful season. Most noteable was a silver medal by the Laoyam Eagles in the Junior A Final and a gold medal by the Laoyam Falcons in the Junior B Final. The Bald Eagle adult team also had a busy weekend competing in the Mixed, Open, and Women's Divisions and participating in two 1000m Guts & Glory races. Some of those paddlers have now switched over to outrigger canoeing for the summer, training on Monday and Wednesday evenings. They are planning to attend a few races in August and September.

The club's Paddle-a-thon and Open House happened in early July. The weather wasn't great and the Open House wasn't well attended, but the club had a number of paddlers out on the water that day trying out the different boats, raising about $1500. We would like to thank everyone who sponsored a paddler in this event, as well as the Pemberton Valley Supermarket for their donation of food for the event.

The two main things going on with the club right now our our summer camps and our flat water program. We have had four weeks of camp so far, with our CanoeKids camps being maxed out every week. The kids have been having a great time playing on the water in a variety of boats, as well as learning water safety, swimming, and playing lots of games at the beach! We just completed our first week of Regatta Ready camp and have another one happening next week. These kids are learning more about flat water canoeing and kayaking and getting into some more challenging (and tippy!) boats. Most of these kids are coming with the rest of the club's flat water paddlers to a fun regatta in Maple Ridge on August 6.

The flat water paddlers have been training hard all summer with some of the older paddlers out on the water 6-7 times a week. In July they competed at two events. Ten paddlers were in Kamloops for BC Cup #2 and Provinical Championships/National Qualifier on July 16, 17. Everyone paddled well, and this was a first racing event for two of our newest members. This is a challenging race course because you have to paddle about a kilometer just to get to the start line, and the wind can be very tricky, so good job for both of them! We are also happy to announce that both Hana Ronayne and Quinn Phare qualified to go to National Championships in Nova Scotia at the end of the month. Way to go you two!!
Some noteable results from the weekend were:

    Quinn Phare
                First - U16 Men's C1 1000 m
                First - U14/15 Men's C2 200 m
                   Second - U15 Men's C1 200 m
                   Second - U14/15 Men's C1 500 m
                   Second - Junior Men's C4 1000 m
                   Second - U16 Men's C1 200 m
                Third - U17 Men's C1 6000 m 
    Hana Ronayne
                First - U16 Women's C1 1000 m
                First - U17 Women's C2 1000 m
                First -U16 Women's C1 200 m
                First - U16 Women's C2 200 m
                First - U17 Women's C2 500 m
                Third - U17 Women's C1 6000 m
     Oliver Esseltine
                First - U19 Men's C1 1000 m
                First - U19 Men's C1 200 m
                Second - Junior Men's C4 1000 m
                Third - U19 Men's C12 500 m
    Brendan Shippit
                Second - U11/12 Men's C2 200 m
                Second - U13 Men's C1 200 m
                Second - U12/13 Men's C2 200 m
                Second - U12/13 Men's C4 200 m
      Jill Esseltine
                Fourth - U15 Women's K1 200 m
                Second - U14/15 Women's K4 200 m
    Abi Ronayne
                Fourth - U12 Women's C1 200 m
                Second - U12/13 Women's C2 200 m
                Third - U12 Women's C1 500 m
       Landon Drain
                Second - U12/13 Men's C2 200 m
                Fourth - U13 Men's K1 500 m
                Second - U12/13 Men's C4 200 m
    Ethan Ronayne
                Second - U12/13 Men's C4 200 m

The club also had 5 paddlers attend BC Summer Games in Abbotsford, BC on July 21-24. Maddy Beaudry, Jill Esseltine, Alexis Balsamo, Quinn Phare, and Shikari King competed, along with a group of paddlers from False Creek Racing Canoe Club, to represent Zone 5. Some notable results from that event were:

    Quinn Phare 
                Gold - Men's C2 2000 m
                Gold - Men's C4 500 m
                Bronze - Men's C1 2000m
                Silver - Mixed OC6 500 m
                Silver - Mixed OC6 2000 m
                Silver - Men's C1 500 m             
       Shikari King
                Gold -  Mixed C4 500 m
                Gold - Men's LtoT C1 500 m
                Silver - Mixed OC6 500 m
      Maddy Beaudry
                Silver - Women's K4 500 m
                Silver - Women's C4 500 m
                Silver - Mixed OC6 2000 m
     Jill Esseltine
                Silver - Woment's K4 500 m
                Silver - Mixed OC6 2000 m
       Alexis Balsamo
                Silver - Women's C4 500 m

The flat water paddlers will be heading off to two events in August. They will be at the Ridge Invitation on August 6 and to Nanaimo for BC Cup #3 on August 13/14.